Home Shopping


Are you tired of fighting traffic, finding parking and standing in queues?

Too much to do and not enough time?

Let us shop for you!

Grace the Shopping Lady!

 Grace Delivering

All Stars

provides errand running services where we will shop or do chores for you.

  •  We take care of shopping for busy families.
  •  We buy groceries and other items for senior citizens and other people who find it difficult to get around.

How it works:

Grace will come and meet you providing a free consultation to ascertain your needs and get information regarding delivery address, preferences etc.

This web page shows our prices and any terms and conditions applicable.

You can retain our services either through seasonal subscription or on demand.

If you subscribe seasonally, you’ll enjoy discounted hourly rates and priority servicing.

Whichever option you choose, simply notify us of your requirement by phone, sms, e-mail or fax.

We will contact you to confirm your request and the time-slot for delivery and if acceptable, once payment is arranged, will continue with the execution.

We do require a deposit or cash up front for the purchases – you can also advise a budget amount plus an indication priorities or items that could be discarded from the list if necessary.

Payment for our services plus the balance for the purchases must be made on delivery or by arrangement.

Payments may be in Cash  or Electronic Transfer or you may elect to enter a retainer arrangement.

Terms and conditions:

We cannot be responsible for availability of stock and will endeavor to deliver the correct stock where possible. If we are unable to supply each and every item ordered or in the quantities ordered, you nevertheless agree to accept delivery and make payment for the items correctly delivered.

Cancellation of orders:

Must be made before 24h00 of the day prior to delivery or they will be charged for.

Return of Items:

Will be subject to the constraints of the relevant shop’s return policy. Returns will be charged for unless the item was purchased in error.



Weekdays: R50 per hour or part thereof + transport fee

Weekends and Holidays: R100 per hour or part thereof + transport fee

After Working Hours: R100 per hour + transport

Transport Fee:  Depends on the area.

R30 – Onrus, Hermanus center, Eastcliff and Westcliff;

R40 – Vermont, Voelklip.

For other areas, please ask for a quote.

If we have to collect cash upfront, the trip will be an additional charge.